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1200 Calorie DASH Diet Picture

I find DASH diet servings very confusing, and what about you? The 1200 calorie DASH diet is by far the most confusing, because most sources won’t even consider talking about eating only 1200 calories per day. The 1600, 2000 and 2400 calorie meal  plans are much better explained.

But what if you have decided to to go on the 1200-calorie DASH diet? You can download  an example of a daily meal plan on this website.

And,  going even further, here is a picture that I have created in order to visually demonstrate how much food you can eat on the 1200 calorie diet for hypertension. Click on the image to enlarge it.

1200-calorie DASH diet infographics

What can you eat on 1200 calorie DASH diet?

If you feel hungry on the 1200 calorie diet, you can take one of the following routes:

a) Eat more vegetables. They are low in calories and help burn fat

b) Exercise and switch to 1500 calorie diet.

I hope this helps to visualize your portions.  You are welcome to download an example of a meal plan and start your 1200 calorie diet tomorrow.

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