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Blood Pressure Monitor Accuracy

Blood pressure monitor accuracy should be an important criterion for you when choosing your monitor. After all, a 10% error in blood pressure reading can either set a false alarm or give you a false sense of security when in reality you should be concerned.

For example, if your blood pressure is 140/90, which means pre-hypertension, a 10% error can place you in the safe range: 126/81. Or it can signal that you are nearing a hypertension crisis: 154/100.

You can do two things to make your blood pressure readings most accurate:

  1. Buy a blood pressure monitor with good track record of accuracy
  2. Learn how to take your blood pressure readings correctly to reduce error

Here is a CBC radio interview with a vice-president of the Alberta Heart and Stroke Foundation. In five minutes, you will find out why it’s important to make sure your personal blood pressure monitor is working properly. The only problem is, they send you to Hypertension.ca for the review of best blood pressure monitors where that review is yet to be found. There is a lot of other useful info on that website, especially booklets and tracking forms that you can download for free.

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