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Lifesource Blood Pressure Monitor

Considering a Lifesource blood pressure monitor?

Lifesource blood pressure monitors come in a variety of sizes including extra-large for muscular or heavy individuals. The monitors offer:

  • an alert for irregular heartbeat,
  • an illuminated start button and
  • a large display for ease of reading.

Lifesource systems will retain a record of 60 readings, each with a date and time stamp so you can provide your physician with an accurate history of home readings. Lifesource monitors come in a variety of styles with different features and cost between $40 and $110 on average. The British Hypertensive Society rates Lifesource among the top blood pressure monitors for accuracy

Model Options:

  • UB 521: an inexpensive, light weight, small monitor that’s great for taking on the road with you. This system tracks up to 90 readings, averages readings, and identifies an irregular heartbeat. Comes with protective carrying case. 2 AAA batteries required.

  • UA-631: The 631 is similar to the UB521 except that it only tracks 60 readings and has a five year warrantee instead of lifetime. This system uses 4 AA batteries or you can purchase an AC adapter.

  • UB-512: Offers am and pm memory (30 readings each). The small wrist monitor is great for travel. Other features include a guest mode, averaging, carrying case and a lifetime warranty. 2 AAA batteries required.
  • UA-767: The UA-767 is an automatic monitor that stores 30 readings. It monitors for irregular heartbeat, provides reading averages, and contains no latex in the manufacturing design. Comes in three different sizes all of which offer a lifetime warranty. 4 AA batteries required.

  • UA-774 or UA774AC: Lifesource blood pressure monitor UA774AC is a dual memory monitor that also offers a guest mode, meaning it will track blood pressure of two people and one guest. Each memory houses 30 readings per user. Operates on either an AC adapter or AA batteries. AC adapter and two cuffs of different sizes are included. To make it easy to use by a couple, it is equipped by two buttons, one per user. Each button can store up to 30 measurements.
    As with many of the other lifesource products, this has an irregular heartbeat feature, latex free construction, illuminated display and a lifetime warrantee. Irregular Heartbeat feature alerts user of an irregular heart beat during reading. Quick start instructions are provided on several languages: English, Spanish and French.
    Lifesource blood pressure monitor UA774AC is a high end monitor geared towards specific group of users – when two people in the family suffer from high blood pressure, this monitor provides space savings and smart features making it convenient like no other monitor.

  • Besides these you can also consider the UA-853 with a TimeWise monitoring system and programmable alarms, the UA-787 that retains 280 readings, or the UA-789 that accommodates larger arms.

What Consumers are Saying:

Consumers like that Lifesource offers an AC Adapter that conserves battery life (this is not, however, included in the monitor package). The carrying case is a nice feature, and consumers say that the product is very easy to use and relatively consistent for accurate readings. The monitor is louder than some other similar machines, but otherwise it appears to live up to its advertising.

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