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Low-Fat, Low-Carb Or 1200 Calorie DASH Diet?

Do you want to lose weight using the most effective diet? Are you wondering whether you should go on low-fat, low-carb or DASH diet to get the best results?

Is your head hurting yet from all those diets promising you rapid weight loss, each endorsed by doctors and weight loss professionals?

New research has just come out and, thankfully, provided sound recommendations based on years of experiements with large groups of volunteers.

You’ve heard statements that you won’t need to count calories as long as you eat certain foods in certain proportions…  Well, this seem to work only if your overall calorie consumption is reduced.

The results of this study suggest that  as long as you reduce the total amount of consumed calories, it  doesn’t matter where these calories come from.

Christopher Gardner, a Stanford University professor, said upon reviewing the paper,“If you’re happier doing it low fat, or happier doing it low carb, this paper says it’s okay to do it either way. They were equally successful.”

Earlier conclusions suggested that low carb diets seemed to work a bit better than the others, especially low carb high protein diets, but there is no consencus among scientists anymore. The key to success is COMPLIANCE and PERSISTENCE, as in every diet group individuals who stuck to the diet consistently lost the most weight and kept it off.

Because many people struggle with dieting, study authors recommended that they should select the one that’s easiest for them to stick with.

Dr. Bray, one of the study authors,  recommended the DASH Diet Plan, a diet  endorsed by the National Institutes of Health

“We would encourage patients to follow this diet modified as they and their health care provider chose to emphasize macronutrient changes that they thought might work best for them,” Bray said.

1200 calorie DASH diet for weight loss

The DASH diet plan emphasizes macronutrients consumed and therefore doesn’t control calories well. In order to make it a weight loss diet, it is important to tune it to provide a calorie deficit for every individual patient.

The DASH diet is very successful in reducing blood pressure, and originally, weight loss was a side benefit of it. However, more people start using the DASH diet plan to lose weight and fight hypertension at the same time, feeling the snowball effect of these two actions taken together.

Add to this carefully designed meals with Top L-Arginine Foods that lower blood pressure, and you are practically destined to succeed in bringing your blood pressure down.

So if you are a moderately active woman who exercises two-three times a week, you likely need more than 1200 calories per day to keep going. You can lose weight on 1500 calorie DASH diet. But if you are a short, rather inactive woman with a desk job and car to deliver you to your work and back, 1200 calorie DASH diet is a great tool to losing weight and fighting your hypertension.

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And you will get my best easy and healthy 1200 calorie DASH meal plans at this site. Stay tuned!

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