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Lumiscope Blood Pressure Monitor

Lumiscope Blood Pressure Monitor is not a newcomer to the market. Since 1920 the Lumiscope company has been supplying diagnostic products to the market. It wasn’t until the mid 1970s, however that they approached the everyday consumer managing to produce an electronic blood pressure monitor in 1978 for home use. From that point forward Lumiscope continues making a line of blood pressure monitors that could be used on the arm or the wrist.

In creating their equipment Lumiscope has focused on swift readings and the least discomfort possible. Their monitors are all automatic so that no one has to pump or measure their pulse alone. The systems also have built in memory for a set number of historical readings and an automatic turn off feature just in case you walk away and leave it on, thereby saving energy.

Models of Lumiscope Blood Pressure Monitors

Lumiscope 1143

This system comes in at a very reasonable price tag of $20 and holds up to 85 readings. The display is liqud crystal and a carrying case is included. Requires 2 AA batteries.

Lumiscope 100-021 SelfTaking Monitor

This is one of the few manual style monitors in this manufacturer’s line. Price: Average $14. Comes with cuff and stethoscope. Note that if you want an adjustable gauge, latex free version try the 100-610 system.

1147 Advanced Monitor

This blood pressure monitor holds up to 396 readings, which means if you only have to test once daily you’ve got a year’s worth of history that your physician can use. Price $26.

Model 1133

Automatic Touch pad monitor. Memory for this system is 85 readings. Features touch pad control and low battery indicator for about $60

Lumiscope Delux

This system has a price tag of about $50 and includes 99 reading memories, irregular heartbeat, an alarm clock, Blood Pressure Classification, stand and AC adapter (system uses 4 AA batteries otherwise).

What Customers Say

When a company has been in business for as long as Lumiscope, customers tend to be a little tougher in reviews. Sever customers, even those with medical training, complained about rather dramatic inaccuracies vs. the Doctor’s office. Some buyers said that buttons broke easily. The average rating for Lumiscope is 2.5 to just above 3 out of 5 stars at various review sites.

Having said that their price is competitive, but the question becomes what you’re getting for your dollar.

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