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Microlife Blood Pressure Monitors

Microlife products bring Eastern and Western philosophies together in their products particularly from a conceptual standpoint. Their hope is creating lines of products that “fit” the diversity of a global culture, and ones that prove useful for improving people’s quality of life. Each of their product listings include information as to whether the system is automatic or semi-automatic, if it can be used for pregnant women, if the system offers “danger” warnings for hypertension, and if it has been clinically tested or not.

Microlife Product Offerings:

Upper Arm units:

Microlife blood pressure monitors come in automatic, semi-automatic and aneroid. The automatic monitor is useful to people who are uncomfortable with getting a blood pressure cuff filled with air. The semi-automatic also makes this easier. The aneroid unit is fully manual but perfectly good for simple, regular daily blood pressure readings.

Wrist Monitor:

the Microlife wrist monitor is more compact than other units, making it perfect for someone who travels regularly.

Professional Devices:

are used in tandem with a physician where closer monitoring is necessary. This system comes with specific guidelines for home monitoring , but also has the capacity to function in an office or ambulatory situation.

What Consumers are saying:

People who have purchased Microlife blood pressure monitors have mixed feelings about the product. Several buyers have reported a “dead on arrival condition”. The company’s return time was a little slow so many people have taken their non-working units directly to a store. Even the machines that did not work properly were well priced and came with an arm cuff (or wrist), carrying case, AC adapter and in some cases computer software.

Once the product was exchanged customers rated this manufacturer’s blood pressure monitor at a 3-4 out of five stars for durability, accuracy and portability

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