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Omron Blood Pressure Monitor Reviews

Considering buying an Omron blood pressure monitor? There is a reason why scores of consumers prefer this brand.
The manufacturer of Omron blood pressure monitors claims to have created an affordable machine that provides consistently accurate results. The company uses independent organizations to complete each model’s testing, which gives more credence to this claim.

Omron offers cuff style blood pressure monitors ranging from $50-$109, the higher end (10 Series+) offers PC connectivity. All models have built in irregular heartbeat detection. Omron also has wrist model blood pressure monitors for $60-$80, the higher priced one providing a two-user mode.

Specific Models:

3 Series: The 3 series features one touch use and the ability to detect irregular heartbeats. Additionally it stores 14 previous readings at a time using only 4 AA batteries.

5 series: Has a two user mode with separate memory for each. This system averages your last three readings, detects for irregular heartbeat and has an indicator that alerts you to hypertension. Memory wise, this store 30 readings PER USER. It also requires 4 AA batteries.

7 series: The 7 series comes with an adjustable arm cuff and a cuff wrapping guide to improve the accuracy of your readings. Like the 5 Series it has advanced averaging and irregular heartbeat detection. Other features include a BP level indicator and an AC adapter that eliminates the need for batteries. Memory storage is 60 readings. 4 AA Batteries required when the adapter is not in use.

10 series: 10 series blood pressure monitors kick up the number of features quite a bit. This system has a calibration check, two user mode, TrueRead, and Day/night time averaging on top of all the 7 series offerings. Memory storage is now 200 readings with a date/time stamp. The 10 Series PLUS goes even further by including Microsoft HealthVault compatibility, and a two user plus guest mode.

What Consumers Say:

The majority of people who have purchased the Omron seem very happy with their machines. They appreciate the ease of use and compact design. Upon taking the blood pressure monitor to a physician to check accuracy, the Omron systems seem to live up to their claim of dependable accuracy. The optional A/C adaptor is highly recommended by consumers so that you don’t run out of battery power. Overall it is rated among the best blood pressure monitors in this price range.

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