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Panasonic Blood Pressure Monitor

Panasonic blood pressure monitors come with a special Precise Logic Measurement system. This system does two checks on the strength and shape of your pulse and verifies them. In turn, the manufacturer says that consumers get consistently accurate blood pressure readings than they would from other systems. One thing that impressed this reader most is that Panasonic is one of the few companies putting accuracy information into a comparative format for their line of blood pressure monitors. This is very helpful when shopping for a system suited to your needs.

Panasonic Blood Pressure Monitor Models:

Panasonic has four main upper arm systems and one wrist blood pressure monitor. The prices range from around $35 to $129 depending on sales.

The upper arm systems include the EW31225, EW3106W, EW3152A and the EW3109W. The major differences pretty much boil down to design features:

* EW31225: Hypertension warnings, remembers up to 84 readings, uses batteries or an AC adapter and weighs just over one pound.
* EW3106W: Has no hypertension warning, remembers only 21 readings and does not have a compatible adapter.
* EW3152A: Offers a cuffless design, two person memory (90 per each user), and an available AC adapter sold separately. This machine weighs about 5 pounds
*EW3109W: Weighs in under a pound making it very portable. Adapter sold separately. Remembers 90 readings.

For the wrist version there’s the EW3006S that sells for about $60.00. This system remembers 90 readings and has an auto inflate feature.

Panasonic Blood Pressure Monitor Reviews:

What Consumers are Saying:

The vast majority of buyers rate Panasonic products at a 4 out of 5 stars for overall satisfaction. When tested at their primary physician’s office readings were within expected accuracy ranges. People say the various machines are easy to use and the price point is on par with many other blood pressure machine manufacturers. About the only complaint is that some of the arm monitors do NOT include the sleeve, which isn’t included in the package (and you need it to use the system). This changes the pricing somewhat but it seems a little odd not to include an integral component for measuring blood pressure with the machine.

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