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Relion Blood Pressure Monitor

Have you heard of a Relion blood pressure monitor? Relion is one of the top competitors of two very well known brands: Omron and Lifesource.

Relion makes a variety of blood pressure monitors that you can use at home to help track and control your blood pressure in a private, relaxed environment. Some people call them “reli on blood pressure monitors”, but in fact the brand name is Relion.

Key Features of Relion Blood Pressure Monitors

Features available in this series of monitors include irregular heartbeat detection, pulse rate indicator, advanced averaging, medication reminders, and extra-large digits. Extra large digits is an important feature for seniors and people with bad vision.Some of these features are only available on upper arm machines vs. wrist style.

Relion Model Options:

Relion has three upper arm models and one wrist model.

The Compact automatic monitor for the upper arm is the most basic of their offerings with only one year warranty. This system only remembers the last reading taken.

The Automatic upper arm monitor detects irregular heartbeat, averages reading, and indicates hypertension. It may be used by two people and has a memory of 60 readings. Warranty: 5 years.

Relion’s premium upper arm monitor has all the features of the automatic but it comes with a case, remembers 120 readings, has two cuffs and a medication reminder alarm.

Finally, the wrist monitor is small and portable and comes with a carrying case (1 yr. warranty).

What Consumers Say

Consumer reviews are split on Reliion systems. Some were very happy with their purchase and reported no problems. Other consumers struggle with getting the information out of memory storage. They complain that Relion does not seem to be as durable or accurate as some home blood pressure machines. Price wise, these machines are competitive with Omron.

Relion is sold in Walmart among other places. You can also get it online. On the Walmart website, customers reported 92% satisfaction, which is quite high.

One of just several negative reviews stated:
“We bought this cuff so that I could keep track of my blood pressure at home. It is impossible to place the cuff on your arm by yourself. It requires two hands. So you can forget taking your blood pressure unless there is someone home with you. The readings can vary depending on where you place the cuff as well. If it is not placed properly on the arm it will show inaccurate. If the cuff is not placed firmly enough on the arm you will get an error message upon deflation while it is reading. I am not satisfied at all with the product.”

Here is one of the typical positive reviews:
” I was very relieved when I finally got my Relion blood pressure monitor. I had purchased two others over the years, and they were very fickle and not very reliable. The last one (not bought at Walmart) said my blood pressure was 168/110 — and I went right in to the doctor where it was 120/83. We took that one back.
My ReliOn monitor was easy to use and keep track of data. When I went for a checkup, I took my monitor with me and we checked the accuracy against the doctor’s equipment. Right on the money!
Great product!”

Another review:
“This product is really a great deal for the price. It is all I expected it to be and I would recommend it to anyone who needs to keep track of their blood pressure on a regular basis. I love the fact that I can use batteries or plug in.”

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