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DASH Diet Menu For A Week

Being on a diet oftentimes means taking all pleasure out of eating.

If you are looking for a DASH diet menu for a week, you can find a few samples on dietitians’ websites. I personally found them all too “technical.” Surely, they meet requirements of necessary servings of grains, dairy, fruit and veggies. But only very disciplined human being who can “chew cardboards” can happily stay on diet plan like this.

Most of us are not like that. We use food for satisfaction, for pleasure, for instant gratification. We turn to food when we are happy, scared, stressed, or bored. We want it to be tasty.

That’s why I have created my own plans. Over the years on DASH diet, I optimized my cooking to deliver proportion of food groups that DASH diet requires – but in tasty and simple combination.

The diet you can live on without big effort even though most of sugar and fat is removed.

I am getting ready to post my DASH diet meal plans with shopping lists on this website. If you need a plan now, I suggest you download my free 1200 calorie meal plan. If you don’t care about calories, just double it and try living on my version of the DASH diet for one day.

Together with plan comes subscription to this site. I will keep sharing with you interesting recipes and tips how to stay on the DASH diet without feeling deprived. If you don’t want the subscription, just subscribe, download the plan and unsubscribe right away, no problem.

The benefit of being a subscriber will be obvious when I start selling my meal plans. My subsribers will get a significant discount. So join in!

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