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Garlic – The Most Potent Herb That Lowers Blood Pressure

We, Russians and Ukrainians, are CRAZY about garlic. We put it everywhere… Well, maybe, not in cinnamon buns, but definitely in every main dish, side dish and appetizer.

Garlic is a big part of our folk medicine. So big, that during the flu season it seems like the whole country stinks of garlic. People make their own mixtures with garlic, use it in cooking extensively,  or just leave cut garlic cloves on the premises so that its potent smell kills germs.

And here is a reason why you might want to be crazy about garlic too – this is one of the herbs that is proven to lower blood pressure.



Studies show: garlic lowers blood pressure

Yet another study just came out to reconfirm that garlic is very effective in lowering blood pressure.

This time, the researchers looked at 80 participants whose blood pressure was considered to be “medication resistant”. Half of them took a placebo, and the other half a garlic supplement. The group who took a placebo had no change in their blood pressure. Meanwhile, the group who took the garlic supplement saw a drop of 12 mm/Hg systolic on average, which is more than many people see even when they take medication.

How Does Garlic Lower Blood Pressure

Some are sure this is due to the antioxidants; others, like these researchers, that the potent activation of nitric oxide synthase by garlic is the basis for its therapeutic applications.

How to take garlic

Opinions differ. Since studies used a garlic supplement, many people, especially those who don’t like garlic, would rather believe that supplements help. People who traditionally eat a lot of garlic, usually don’t like garlic supplements and prefer the taste of real garlic. Since I am so deeply entrenched both in the whole foods and fresh garlic camps, I did not even waste my time on researching whether a supplement will produce the same result as whole foods. I just believe that eating whole foods is always better, even if it is garlic. Especially if it is garlic :)

In addition to the usual use of garlic, like minced or chopped, garlic can be baked to reduce its potency, fried to highlight its taste, and pickled.

If you don’t like garlic, consider that there are many, many different types of it. Maybe you have tried one that is too strong. There are mild types of garlic, sweeter types of garlic, so it is really a good idea to explore and find the type you may be comfortable eating.

Have you thought of growing garlic?

The garlic you see on the picture grew in my small urban square foot garden. I cannot start telling you how much better it tastes in comparison with store-bought garlic. It was shockingly easy to grow it. It takes very little space. It protects other plants from pests. So, it is a perfect herb to grow in a container garden.

Last year I went to a garlic grower and bought 5 different types of garlic to plant. This year, I will be experimenting with the different flavours of garlic….

Garlic stores very well. If you grow your own garlic, just harvest it and let it dry, and you will use it for most of the year.

Garlic on the DASH diet

On the DASH diet, garlic is not required. In fact, the DASH diet doesn’t limit what vegetables and herbs you should be eating. You just need to eat enough servings. But let’s apply common logic. If you choose most of the fruit, vegetables and herbs from those that have a proven effect on your blood pressure, don’t you increase your chances of success?

I say, choose garlic and other blood pressure lowering herbs – together they will help lower your blood pressure quicker.

And please follow this site. Most of my recipes contain garlic.

Are you a garlic hater or a garlic lover? How do you use garlic in your cooking? Please leave a comment here.

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