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Q&A: DASH diet and High Blood Pressure

Have a Question?

I receive e-mails from people starting the DASH diet every single day. People wonder what not to eat, what to eat, and how much. They try to match their favourite foods to the DASH diet requirements. They try to make sense of servings and portions.

Ask away!  I am arranging a group of experts, dietitians and nutritionists, to answer your questions.

There is only one rule:

First, state your question, then write an explanation or supporting information. This way, it is easier for other people to find out right away what is the question.

You will not be able to see your question published right away. I moderate comments due to high amount of spam. But I will publish your question right after finding an answer for it and let all subscribers know that new questions were answered. So if you did not subscribe to the site news yet, just go to the 1200 calorie DASH diet meal plan page, leave your email, get a meal plan, and never miss important news that help you lower blood pressure.

…Actually, here is rule #2: I do not accept links in your signature or questions.

So, just write a comment on this page, and get your answer. Don’t be shy; if you have a question, other people might have it too. They will be grateful you’ve asked.

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