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Where Do I Buy Hibiscus Tea? (Your Questions)

A while ago I posted about the benefits of hibiscus tea for lowering blood pressure. Some readers were asking where to buy hibiscus tea to add to their DASH diet plan. It is available at health foods stores, Whole Foods, and other high-end supermarkets. But it is quite expensive for some people to shop there; not to mention, there are no customer reviews to help you choose.

I will show you other ways to buy hibiscus tea at a reasonable price.

Hibiscus Tea – Certified Organic – 24 Teabags By Celebration Herbal Teas


Customer reviews are mostly positive except one person who expected bigger effect on his blood pressure.

I’m very health conscious and this tea was recommended by my cardiologist. She stated that drinking organic hibiscus tea supports a healthy heart while lowing bad cholesterol!! I did not hesitate to buy for the cause of healthy habits. This tea which was drank without cream and sugar of course, was tart and flavorful. I would recommend this company and product.

I really liked this tea. It has a very good fruity flavor and it also helps lower blood pressure add a teaspoon of honey for a little sweetener and its fantastic


24 bag package is a good place to start. The tea is not too expensive, organic, and smaller package gives you an opportunity to try and see if you can adopt hibiscus tea into your daily routine.

Best Choice: Davidson’s Tea Bulk, Herb Pure Org Hibiscus Flowers, 16-Ounce Bag

If you never used tea in bulk, hibiscus tea is a great start. Hibiscus petals are quite big and flavourful, so you can just add hot water, let it steep for several minutes, and enjoy pure hibiscus tea. I assure you that teabags almost never produce the same taste as tea made of real tea (or hibiscus) leaves.


This is the most popular tea based on a huge number of positive reviews.

This tea is absolutely delicious. It tastes like sweet & sour fruit somewhat like tart cherries. I’ve been drinking at least 1 cup a day for the last 2 months and my blood pressure is down an average of 8-10 points.

I just love this tea, pleasant taste, good value. So much better than what we can buy at the local store.

Bought the tea because I heard it lowered your blood pressure by several points. Went to the Dr. and it is true. I love the taste of the tea and make it in my ice maker. This way i have a pitcher of it always in the ref. I also love the bright red color. I will keep on drinking this product.

I have a typical stressful position in a Fortune 500 company. Since I have been drinking this, my overall stress level has reduced significantly. It’s not easy to succinctly describe. But, this tea keeps away heartburn, and just enables one to feel a little more relaxed, especially when under stress


There is so much tea for the money, and there are so many ways to make it. Some people add orange juice, others add a cinnamon stick and honey. In the summer, people make iced hibiscus tea. This is a great buy.

Davidson’s Tea Tulsi Hibiscus Flower, 100-Count Tea Bags

This is certified organic tea for busy people as it comes in tea bags. Note the price that you pay for 100 tea bags or organic tea, isn’t it great?


It is NOT a pure hibiscus tea – it contains a mix of tulsi, hibiscus, cinnamon, lemon and orange peel. Reviews are mostly positive:

Was recommended to drink hibiscus tea to lower blood pressure. Hibiscus tea is expensive. This is not as expensive and tastes good too. I would drink this even if not for high blood pressure. Comes in a big zipper close bag in retail box. Best deal on hibiscus tea.

This is a wonderfully fragrant tea with an enjoyable flavor. I first started using Hibiscus tea to help lower my blood pressure without taking medications. Three cups a day lowered my blood pressure to normal range. One cup a day has since kept it within acceptable range. This may not work for everyone however, it makes a delightful cup of tea that anyone can enjoy

While most people like its flavour, some disagree and feel it is too bland.


The price is great, and teabags are convenient. You can take them to work and always have your cup of blood pressure lowering tea with you when you travel. Tulsi in the tea has a calming effect and helps good sleep. However, 100 tea bags is a big commitment. If you’re among the minority of people who don’t like the taste, you can always add a bag of this tea to a green tea or hibiscus pot to dilute the taste.

Hibiscus and High blood Pressure

From Wikipedia:
“A study published in the Journal of Human Hypertension has shown that drinking hibiscus tea can reduce high blood pressure in people with type 2 diabetes. The study results showed the average systolic blood pressure for those drinking hibiscus tea decreased from 134.8 mmHg (17.97 kPa) at the beginning of the study to 112.7 mmHg (15.03 kPa) at the end of the study, one month later.[5] This is consistent with its supposed role as a diuretic.”

How Long Does It Take To Lower Blood Pressure With Hibiscus Tea?

Many people share that their blood pressure went down in only two weeks. However, like with all natural remedies, it usually takes longer to see results. On the good side, natural remedies are not nearly as harmful as drugs.

Try it out, and see how it works for you.

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